Saturday, January 29, 2011


For this Project I chose Vogue Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine. These two magazines are different in many ways as Vogue talks about much more clothing than Cosmopolitan does. Cosmopolitan talks much more on tips about your love life. Vogue has a much bigger font size than Cosmopolitan does with much more bold lettering. Vogue has less amount of subheading than Cosmopolitan does which draws your eye more toward Cosmopolitan. Vogues color scheme is less colorful as white is just a plain color which is kind of dull toward your eye site. Vogue has only used about three different colors which is also very dull toward a persons eyesight. Cosmopolitan has a very bright color with bold bright lettering that stands out more. Cosmopolitan has about five different colors on their page which also stands out more. Natalie Portman on the Vogue magazine has on more of a classy look as her dress is pink and her pose is more casual. Ashley Green on Cosmopolitan magazine has more of a casual look in a more revealing way, tying her button down shirt in the front and jean shorts.  Both Magazines have a fashion sense that goes along with all the headlines on these magazines. Even though both of these women on these magazines are wearing different clothes they have some sort of the same look and personality in the fashion sense. Between both of these magazines I would much rather chose the cosmopolitans because it would draw my eye more with the bright color and more headlines.

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